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About Us

Mission Statement

To provide the best Arabic language education service worldwide at an affordable price and always focus on the needs of our customers, offering them an effective and enjoyable Arabic language learning experience.

Our Goals
Our goals are to train non-Arabic speakers to become proficient in speaking, writing, and reading the Arabic language.

This will enable them to study in Arabic Universities, or teach Arabic as a second language so they can obtain employment in translation services as well as other employment in Arab countries.

Easily Learn Academy is an Arabic learning academy for students all over the world that want to improve their Arabic in an affordable, fast and effective way.


We offer live online teaching with our group of qualified native teachers which will make your learning fun and effective.

With a unique combination of skill and experience, our team has created an Arabic language course that enables students to learn the language “live”, via ZOOM, Skype or Google meet from anywhere in the world.

Our sessions are conducted through video conferencing. Students can see the teacher via webcam, and can speak with the teacher and other class members with their computer microphones. Lessons are transmitted using multimedia applications on the computer screen and are also explained using an electronic whiteboard and pen. Classes are a combination of content that has been written specifically for online learning, and they use advanced technologies for distance learning via the Internet.

Easily Learn Academy is an exceptional language-learning experience which takes advantage of the convenience and effectiveness of online learning and brings the Arabic language to every corner of the globe.